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We are Coquette


Coquette is a wildly energetic American rock band based in Central Vermont, comprising Cobalt Tolbert, Angus Davis, and Titien Tolbert.
Meeting in High School, they started playing music together in various groups, including a run as a successful acoustic cover band named Carter Glass. Coquette emerged in the Spring of 2013.
Influenced by Progressive Rock and Punk, they have created a varied, frenetic kind of Alternative Rock, with a strong focus on composition. They released their first EP “The Mandrill” with Vincent Freeman of Green Mountain Records in September of 2013 and their sophomore EP, “Separatio” in November of 2014.
They play regularly around VT, are continually writing new material, and have plans to conquer first New England, then The World!


Vocals, Guitar / Cobalt Tolbert
Bass / Angus Davis
Drums / Titien Tolbert





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For this three-piece band, dissonance, elaborate guitar solos and songs about unpleasant situations lie amidst down-and-dirty punk roots. Coquette has their ’70s rock touchstones down pat; they’re energetic, off-kilter... Did we mention that they’re still teenagers?
— Chris Leo Palermino, Paste Magazine, 2/26/15
These three youngsters... absolutely kill it, especially live. There is no substitute for youthful energy and raw talent, and these kids have both in spades. They play a brand of progressive, punk- and metal-infused rock ’n’ roll that is wholly original with chops way beyond their years.
— Ed DuFresne, Times-Argus, 1/1/15
A wonderfully off-kilter and near perfectly executed mashup of classic punk and prog-rock influences that belies their youth... succinctly and expertly distilled musical cues ranging from Faith No More to Fugazi to Frank Zappa... but it’s tempered with a pop sensibility more akin to the playful funk-punk of early Red Hot Chili Peppers... Coquette rarely linger on any one idea for too long, and when they do it’s often to set up the next creative explosion... fiery and schizophrenic... Vacillating among proggy guitar histrionics, fist-pumping anthemic metal and furious funk-punk breakdowns... bewildering and perplexing... undeniably alluring. It’s musical MSG. The more you consume, the more you want, until you become a salty, bloated mess that can never be fully satiated. We’re hungry, Coquette.
— Dan Bolles, on Separatio, Seven Days, 11/26/14
I think I have seen the future and I think its name is Coquette... they’ve inspired a kind of evangelical response among a multigenerational and growing fan base... these guys seem like something that is going to happen... Some folks call them punk rockers, but even at their young ages you can hear their discipline, smarts and study in their energetic style... Fresh, reckless, but never sloppy... Like it’s been said, “You gotta see these guys!” You don’t wanna have to lie later and say you were there, dancing and assisting at the rebirthing of rock ’n’ roll.
— John Wilson, Stowe Today, 7/10/14

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