That's right, Coquette has 7 new songs, and we've been at Green Mountain Records (ran by the magnificent Kaiser Vinnie, pictured above) laying down bass, drums, guitar, and perhaps extra instruments and sounds if we get ambitious... We shall unleash this new EP at Higher Ground sometime in May/June (if everything goes right), a massive celebration at which YOU, THE PEOPLE shall be in attendance.

To help us make the EP, go on tour (yes, there will be extensive touring with this one) as well as get all-new artwork, photoshoots, music videos (oh yes), merch, musical equipment, touring supplies (van, anyone?), we will be needing help and support from our wonderful and exceptionally attractive fanbase (who says we can't pander?), so be on the lookout for some sort of online Campaign SOON!!!

SPEAKING OF NEW, you may have also heard that Cobalt recently bought his first guitar, adding a new member to our instrument family. It's an all-custom
Creston, and it's tasty. If you haven't heard of Creston Electric Instruments, go to their website. Vermont-made quality right there.

Ash body, 22-fret maple/ebony neck, Lollar El Rayo pickups, dark transparent cherry lacquer...
Now that's power you CAN buy.

We hope everyone's had a lovely beginning of the year. We've had only a handful of shows as of late due to the holidays and recording, but it's been needed. Art takes time! However, there shall be a few more out-of-state shows in the coming months as we begin to acquaint ourselves to some of the places we'll be playing at during our upcoming tour in support of this "EP 3." A couple NYC shows coming soon! More info below...

In the meantime, the boys have been having a lot of fun recording with Vincent again.

Serious fun.

David Bowie.

David was one of Cobalt's biggest heroes. The boys decided to pay tribute to him with a song Cobalt wrote the week after leaving college, "The Wire Mother." It's been in the works for a while and is currently being recorded with full instrumentation. For those of you who can't make it out to shows, here's the first official preview of the third EP.

The Wire Mother (Acoustic)

On top of that, Cobalt recently won a David Bowie Karaoke Contest. There's a new Disco King in town. Long may he reign.

Anyhow, we'll keep recording and doing shows here and there. We're really excited to do this release right. Are you guys pumped? Because we are.

Revving Up!

Summer, I love you, but you're bringin' me down.

Howdy, y'all! The boys from Coquette have been focusing on other ventures as of late, and it's been lovely, but it's time to get back to work. It's not you, it's me. That being said, our sister band, Carter Glass, has been playing tons of gigs (we ended our season with 12 gigs in 12 days), and we've been keeping busy in many other ways (partying and working actual jobs, for example). However, with August comes a handful of Coquette gigs and more free time in between.


Coquette intends to release a new EP sometime in the coming months, and we're getting back into writing mode. Making new music is a top priority at this point. We're a restless bunch and we're getting sick of filling time with covers (though they are indeed a blast). Our new music is gonna have a new array of sounds and styles. One of the ways we intend to achieve that besides songwriting (and Angus' cutting his hair) is by upgrading our gear.

But mostly the hair.

Cobalt has been in talks with Creston Lea of Creston Guitars about a brand new, tailor-made guitar. Creston is based out of Burlington and has made guitars for members of local legends like The Nocturnals and Waylon Speed! as well as for more nationally-known musicians like Ian Mackaye (Fugazi, Minor Threat), Chad Urmston (State Radio, Dispatch), Jaleel Bunton (TV On The Radio) and Adam Ant (Adam... you get it). Cobalt and Angus are also gonna be upgrading their amp situation as well (expect some added oomph, tube-heads).

Oh yeah, we were also at Tweed River Music Festival a few weeks back. That's definitely the biggest festival we've ever played at. Here's a vid of us having a blast! We even ushered in the rain like gods of thunder (try to guess when happened in the video below).

Wait, where'd all that hair go??

We're releasing some new shirts soon designed by Sean, of Gang Of Thieves (who our manager, Fran, has been touring with). We're also looking into custom Coquette stickers, posters, earplugs, embalming fluid, pregnancy tests, ice cream flavors, particle colliders, and a new line of genetically perfected humans (congrats if you're still reading).

A lot of awesome things are coming up, and we always need support, so come to shows, spread the word, invite people to like us on facebook, and remember that donations are ALWAYS helpful and go a very long way. We can't do this without you, and we really do love what we do.

Anywho, have a phenomenal day!

Now THAT'S a hairdo... Hey there, pretty lady.

PS, we recently played Oxbow Music Festival, and Green Mountain Access TV is totally putting the performance on the air.

Love, Coquette.

We Want You!

For Grand Point North

As you may know, Seven Days is hosting a local band contest that will allow one fan-chosen VT band to play Grace Potter's Grand Point North Festival on Saturday, September 12th, and we need YOUR HELP to get us there!

Last year, Coquette got 3rd place behind Dwight & Nicole and The Snaz (who are actually playing this year, congrats!). We hope to actually win this year, but that means we need to get VOTES. Of course, there are also plenty of other local bands who are equally deserving of this great opportunity, so choose wisely (fingers crossed)!

Voting starts today and ends Friday, May 22nd at 5pm. Remember: You can vote once a day! There is added incentive in that everyone who votes is automatically entered to win two weekend passes! Woot woot!!

So please, vote, share the link, ask your friends to vote, support local artists, and all that jazz!!!



Boston was great, We'll be in NYC in a couple weeks, and if anyone was wondering how our debut at Nectar's with Fishbone went, it was awesome. Thoroughly awesome. Like, Justin Thoroughly. Nay, Henry David Thoroughly.

Here's a picture of us about to play Montpelier High's (Batman-themed) prom:


Cobalt's 21!

And you know what that mean: It's party time!!!

Last Saturday, Cobalt celebrated his 21st birthday with a packed crowd at Sweet Melissa's where Coquette was joined by our very good friends, Maiden Voyage and The Smokin's J's. Everyone absolutely crushed it. It was beautiful. You can still wish Cobalt happy birthday on Facebook, he won't think it's weird!

We've been busy these past couple months playing, setting up future shows and preparing for the daunting task of playing a high school prom (yes, we learned Uptown Funk; you can sleep tight, everyone in America). We've also got a brand-spanking new website that we're VERY happy about, some new photos courtesy of Pheylan Martin Photography, as well as a couple new tunes that we've been flaunting about shamelessly live.

And there is much to look forward to!

We're going to be in Boston this week where we'll probably do a couple open mics, talk on some radio shows and play at PA's Lounge with some other badass bands (dates and info below)! We've also been selected to play at several festivals this summer, including Tweed River Music Festival, which we're quite excited about. Like, QUITE excited.

Perhaps one of the most immediately awesome things coming up is our debut performance at Nectar's, playing with Fishbone. That's right, both of those things are happening at once. On Cinco De Mayo, no less. It's been a goal of ours to play the legendary Nectar's, and not only that, but we're opening for Fishbone, one of the most badass and influential bands ever, as well as one of the first bands Cobalt and Titien's folks saw together, 22 years ago, in Paris. Life's pretty neat and stuff.

Anywho, that's all for now, folks!

As a belated birthday present to Cobalt, invite your friends to like Coquette on Facebook! It'd be greatly appreciated!! In exchange, here is some cheeky commentary on the Pheylan Martin Photoshoot (gallery and prints for sale here).

Obligatory everyone-looks-in-different-directions shot.

We like to call this one My Eyes Are Up Here.

We like to call this one My Eyes Are Up Here.

Help get Coquette to Ohio!

March 10, 2014

Hey, y'all! This year is proving to be a good one for us. A lot of good stuff is coming... More info soon!

And you know what would be awesome? If we got to play at Rock On The Range in Ohio! There's an online Battle Of The Bands, and the only way we can win is by staying in the top 100, where we may be selected to get an all-expense-paid trip to play "The Nation's Largest Rock Festival" as well as get a ton of absolutely necessary prizes!

And where do you guys come in? You help our Buzz Rating online stay up by sharing the link below and interacting with it (listening to our music, checking out the video and photos, etc). It calculates our reach on all sites, so invite friends to Coquette on Facebook, like and share posts, check out our website, etc.

Go here:

Thanks for everyone who's already participating!


Big Shows and Woodsheds

Happy 2015, my fellow Gregorians!

It's been a good few months since the EP came out. We've played at Higher Ground, a goal of ours since forming. We played the same stage where we saw Rob Zombie, Parliament, Cage The Elephant, and Amanda Palmer play, among many others. Coquette was brought up on NPR's On Point when discussing anticipated music of 2015. We rang in the new year to a packed audience with our friends, The Smokin' J's, and our sister band, Carter Glass.

We'd like to welcome Frances Desrochers as our new band manager. She's worked with The Lynguistic Civilians and The Mangroves. She's great. Show her some love if you see her at a show!

We've recently taken a small break with Coquette to perform in Artistree and Pentangle's production of Fiddler On The Roof in Woodstock, VT, where you can see Titien and Cobalt this weekend (we're playing Russians, yo!). Angus has been busying himself by playing with The Smokin' J's as well as writing some solo material (take the hint, some tasty jams are a-comin')...

Anyhoozle, we're gonna kick things in gear late-February with some shows and radio appearances (details below). Help us make a splash this year, spread Coquette by word of mouth, share updates, and, perhaps most importantly, invite friends on Facebook!

2015's gonna be a good one; word on the street is we'll be doing a few tours, updating our website to make it several degrees more awesome, playing a prom, and even performing at a certain undisclosed yet highly celebrated music festival... Cool stuff to come...


Click the (very awkward) image above to see Coquette performing their Live From The Woodshed session at Bow Thayer's home studio. Thanks to Vincent Freeman of Green Mountain Records for this delightful little showcase! Share this video with friends, family, venue bookers, your local police chief, Busta Rhymes, whoever!