Big Shows and Woodsheds

Happy 2015, my fellow Gregorians!

It's been a good few months since the EP came out. We've played at Higher Ground, a goal of ours since forming. We played the same stage where we saw Rob Zombie, Parliament, Cage The Elephant, and Amanda Palmer play, among many others. Coquette was brought up on NPR's On Point when discussing anticipated music of 2015. We rang in the new year to a packed audience with our friends, The Smokin' J's, and our sister band, Carter Glass.

We'd like to welcome Frances Desrochers as our new band manager. She's worked with The Lynguistic Civilians and The Mangroves. She's great. Show her some love if you see her at a show!

We've recently taken a small break with Coquette to perform in Artistree and Pentangle's production of Fiddler On The Roof in Woodstock, VT, where you can see Titien and Cobalt this weekend (we're playing Russians, yo!). Angus has been busying himself by playing with The Smokin' J's as well as writing some solo material (take the hint, some tasty jams are a-comin')...

Anyhoozle, we're gonna kick things in gear late-February with some shows and radio appearances (details below). Help us make a splash this year, spread Coquette by word of mouth, share updates, and, perhaps most importantly, invite friends on Facebook!

2015's gonna be a good one; word on the street is we'll be doing a few tours, updating our website to make it several degrees more awesome, playing a prom, and even performing at a certain undisclosed yet highly celebrated music festival... Cool stuff to come...


Click the (very awkward) image above to see Coquette performing their Live From The Woodshed session at Bow Thayer's home studio. Thanks to Vincent Freeman of Green Mountain Records for this delightful little showcase! Share this video with friends, family, venue bookers, your local police chief, Busta Rhymes, whoever!