Revving Up!

Summer, I love you, but you're bringin' me down.

Howdy, y'all! The boys from Coquette have been focusing on other ventures as of late, and it's been lovely, but it's time to get back to work. It's not you, it's me. That being said, our sister band, Carter Glass, has been playing tons of gigs (we ended our season with 12 gigs in 12 days), and we've been keeping busy in many other ways (partying and working actual jobs, for example). However, with August comes a handful of Coquette gigs and more free time in between.


Coquette intends to release a new EP sometime in the coming months, and we're getting back into writing mode. Making new music is a top priority at this point. We're a restless bunch and we're getting sick of filling time with covers (though they are indeed a blast). Our new music is gonna have a new array of sounds and styles. One of the ways we intend to achieve that besides songwriting (and Angus' cutting his hair) is by upgrading our gear.

But mostly the hair.

Cobalt has been in talks with Creston Lea of Creston Guitars about a brand new, tailor-made guitar. Creston is based out of Burlington and has made guitars for members of local legends like The Nocturnals and Waylon Speed! as well as for more nationally-known musicians like Ian Mackaye (Fugazi, Minor Threat), Chad Urmston (State Radio, Dispatch), Jaleel Bunton (TV On The Radio) and Adam Ant (Adam... you get it). Cobalt and Angus are also gonna be upgrading their amp situation as well (expect some added oomph, tube-heads).

Oh yeah, we were also at Tweed River Music Festival a few weeks back. That's definitely the biggest festival we've ever played at. Here's a vid of us having a blast! We even ushered in the rain like gods of thunder (try to guess when happened in the video below).

Wait, where'd all that hair go??

We're releasing some new shirts soon designed by Sean, of Gang Of Thieves (who our manager, Fran, has been touring with). We're also looking into custom Coquette stickers, posters, earplugs, embalming fluid, pregnancy tests, ice cream flavors, particle colliders, and a new line of genetically perfected humans (congrats if you're still reading).

A lot of awesome things are coming up, and we always need support, so come to shows, spread the word, invite people to like us on facebook, and remember that donations are ALWAYS helpful and go a very long way. We can't do this without you, and we really do love what we do.

Anywho, have a phenomenal day!

Now THAT'S a hairdo... Hey there, pretty lady.

PS, we recently played Oxbow Music Festival, and Green Mountain Access TV is totally putting the performance on the air.

Love, Coquette.