Cobalt's 21!

And you know what that mean: It's party time!!!

Last Saturday, Cobalt celebrated his 21st birthday with a packed crowd at Sweet Melissa's where Coquette was joined by our very good friends, Maiden Voyage and The Smokin's J's. Everyone absolutely crushed it. It was beautiful. You can still wish Cobalt happy birthday on Facebook, he won't think it's weird!

We've been busy these past couple months playing, setting up future shows and preparing for the daunting task of playing a high school prom (yes, we learned Uptown Funk; you can sleep tight, everyone in America). We've also got a brand-spanking new website that we're VERY happy about, some new photos courtesy of Pheylan Martin Photography, as well as a couple new tunes that we've been flaunting about shamelessly live.

And there is much to look forward to!

We're going to be in Boston this week where we'll probably do a couple open mics, talk on some radio shows and play at PA's Lounge with some other badass bands (dates and info below)! We've also been selected to play at several festivals this summer, including Tweed River Music Festival, which we're quite excited about. Like, QUITE excited.

Perhaps one of the most immediately awesome things coming up is our debut performance at Nectar's, playing with Fishbone. That's right, both of those things are happening at once. On Cinco De Mayo, no less. It's been a goal of ours to play the legendary Nectar's, and not only that, but we're opening for Fishbone, one of the most badass and influential bands ever, as well as one of the first bands Cobalt and Titien's folks saw together, 22 years ago, in Paris. Life's pretty neat and stuff.

Anywho, that's all for now, folks!

As a belated birthday present to Cobalt, invite your friends to like Coquette on Facebook! It'd be greatly appreciated!! In exchange, here is some cheeky commentary on the Pheylan Martin Photoshoot (gallery and prints for sale here).

Obligatory everyone-looks-in-different-directions shot.

We like to call this one My Eyes Are Up Here.

We like to call this one My Eyes Are Up Here.