That's right, Coquette has 7 new songs, and we've been at Green Mountain Records (ran by the magnificent Kaiser Vinnie, pictured above) laying down bass, drums, guitar, and perhaps extra instruments and sounds if we get ambitious... We shall unleash this new EP at Higher Ground sometime in May/June (if everything goes right), a massive celebration at which YOU, THE PEOPLE shall be in attendance.

To help us make the EP, go on tour (yes, there will be extensive touring with this one) as well as get all-new artwork, photoshoots, music videos (oh yes), merch, musical equipment, touring supplies (van, anyone?), we will be needing help and support from our wonderful and exceptionally attractive fanbase (who says we can't pander?), so be on the lookout for some sort of online Campaign SOON!!!

SPEAKING OF NEW, you may have also heard that Cobalt recently bought his first guitar, adding a new member to our instrument family. It's an all-custom
Creston, and it's tasty. If you haven't heard of Creston Electric Instruments, go to their website. Vermont-made quality right there.

Ash body, 22-fret maple/ebony neck, Lollar El Rayo pickups, dark transparent cherry lacquer...
Now that's power you CAN buy.

We hope everyone's had a lovely beginning of the year. We've had only a handful of shows as of late due to the holidays and recording, but it's been needed. Art takes time! However, there shall be a few more out-of-state shows in the coming months as we begin to acquaint ourselves to some of the places we'll be playing at during our upcoming tour in support of this "EP 3." A couple NYC shows coming soon! More info below...

In the meantime, the boys have been having a lot of fun recording with Vincent again.

Serious fun.

David Bowie.

David was one of Cobalt's biggest heroes. The boys decided to pay tribute to him with a song Cobalt wrote the week after leaving college, "The Wire Mother." It's been in the works for a while and is currently being recorded with full instrumentation. For those of you who can't make it out to shows, here's the first official preview of the third EP.

The Wire Mother (Acoustic)

On top of that, Cobalt recently won a David Bowie Karaoke Contest. There's a new Disco King in town. Long may he reign.

Anyhow, we'll keep recording and doing shows here and there. We're really excited to do this release right. Are you guys pumped? Because we are.